Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy 4th Monthsary!!!

4 Months ago, we were just friends, we even argue and fight almost everyday. But things have changed 'coz we fell in love with each other.

On the past month, we were getting to know each other, better. We talked about what we should do to make this relationship last! We became much more open with each other, we began to talk
about things that we don't usually do when we first started this relationship.

I'm happy with what's happening to us right now... Less fights, More Love... Thanks for understanding me and loving me Sweetie! I hope you'll continue doing this, and of course I'll also do my best to make you happy and love you more... Thanks alot!!!

Thanks for accepting me of who I am...

Again, Happy 4th Month!!! I'm looking forward to make this relationship longer and hopefully forever if there's something like that...

I Love You Sweetie!!! May GOD Bless our Relationship!!!

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